Intermicronational Collapsed Projects Repository

The Intermicronational Collapsed Projects Repository gathers, centralises and maintains documentation on projects in micronationalism that fell through for archival and educational purposes.

The Intermicronational Collapsed Projects Repository is headed by President Horatio Eden directly, who appointed himself Minister of Culture following the enactment of the Whestcorean Heritage Law.

Please report any broken links. Entries are organised by category and are not alphabetised.


  • Universal Triumvirate: A sudden withdrawal of the vast majority of the nation’s government officials and populace crippled activity and prevented the government getting back on its feet.


  • International Conservative: The IC was initially established to create an alliance of international conservative parties. The organisation collapsed as member schedules did not align and more generally from a lack of political will to sustain the organisation.
  • Micronational Treaty Organisation: MNTO president Ned Greiner’s attempt to perform a loyalty test of the membership of the organisation to him personally led the community at large to accuse him – and thus, the MNTO as a whole – of corruption. An attempted corruption trial descended into farce, and the following day the organisation was disbanded.
  • Organisation of United Emerging States: Schamlazaar, one of the founding members, withdrew from the organisation prompting infighting. The lack of purpose and direction led the organisation to be subsumed by the Nollandish Confederacy.


  • The Sper Conference: A conference in the Bastion Union for the purpose of transferring land east of the Camoleo to the Kingdom of Gerenia. The Conference fell through when Jingdao, protesting the presence of delegates from Shireroth, withdrew, prompting the Conference’s cancellation.