Intermicronational Banknote Repository

The Intermicronational Banknote Repository gathers, centralises and maintains online copies of as many micronational banknotes as it can find for the purpose of review and comparison.

The Intermicronational Banknote Repository is headed by President Horatio Eden directly, who appointed himself Minister of Culture following the enactment of the Whestcorean Heritage Law.

Federated States of Antarctica (Dollar)

CR Dallingrad (Rouble)

Daniel-Land (Dollar)

Empire of Deloraine-Cavers (Reichmünze)

Democratic Duchy of Francisville (Ville Franc)

Principality of Hashima (Lirint)

Kaznia (Oubel)

Republic of Koya (Won)

Los Bay Petros (Dollar)

People’s reformed States Republic (Krense)

Republic of Petorio (Dollar)

Parliamentary Republic of Remland (Valorem)

Republic of Resoria (Jollar)

April 2010 series

July 2010 series

Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco (Simoleon)

New Soviet Socialist Republics (State Credit)

Star Kingdom (Star Dollar)

United Micronational Assembly (Voltaire)

Universal Triumvirate (Tri)

State of Valeksandria (Omega)

Decracy of Vilthia (Shilling)

Empire of Yoko (Yen)