The Government of the Amissopian Federation is vested in the President of the Federation, who wields absolute legislative and executive authority, and the High Court of the Federation, which serves as the judicial branch of the nation.

The President’s executive authority is delegated amongst a number of federal executive agencies and ministers with unique powers to enact statutory instruments with the force of law:


Agency Minister Responsibility Established
Executive Office of the President Horatio Eden Managing Presidential communication strategy, arranging the President’s staff, responsible for publishing the Universal Periodic Review July 11th, 2018
Department of State Horatio Eden Interacting with foreign powers, representing Amissopian interests abroad July 2nd, 2018
Department of Transportation Horatio Eden Constructing the transport infrastructure of the nation, notably including upkeep of the Capital Line July 7th, 2018
Department of Local Government Horatio Eden Establishing cities and liaising with local bodies of government on behalf of the President July 7th, 2018
Department of Culture Horatio Eden Formulating government policy on cultural and historical matters, operating the Heritage Institutes and Intermicronational Constitutional Repository July 10th, 2018
Department of Justice Horatio Eden Coordinating government justice policy, prosecuting federal crimes, representing the government in cases to which it is a party, operating the Federal Police, the Civil Rights Division and the Lake Venom Presidential Commission   July 11th, 2018
Department of Triumviran Affairs Horatio Eden Liaising with the state government of the Universal Triumvirate, moderating Triumviran laws to ensure compliance with federal and constitutional law July 12th, 2018
Department of the Interior Horatio Eden Developing domestic law relating to national security and Amissopian federal lands. Operates the Offices for National Statistics, Bureaucratic Diagramming and for Naturalisation, as well as maintains the NDRCS and the FERC. July 13th, 2018