The position of Emperor of Amissopia is an honorary title created by the Imperial Law. The position holds no political power and is an appointment made by the President by Presidential Directive. An Emperor’s term in office expires at midnight at the end of their first full day in office.

The lack of a Presidential Directive for the 22nd of July means the office of Emperor is currently in an interregnum period.

List of Emperors

Name Date of reign Presidential Directive
Two polystyrene cuboids stuck together by a single piece of Blu Tack 18th of July, 2018 Imperial Directive I
A single empty coke bottle 19th of July, 2018 Imperial Directive II
A red tajine pot 20th of July, 2018 Imperial Directive III
A bunny ears head pin thing 21st of July, 2018 Imperial Directive IV
Interregnum 22nd of July, 2018 – present N/A